About Us

What is Workforce Australia Local Jobs?

Workforce Australia Local Jobs is delivered in all 51 Employment Regions across Australia and brings together key local stakeholders including employers, employment services providers, education and training organisations to work collaboratively to design projects and develop solutions and Local Recovery Fund activities that skill people to meet local employer demand.

What is the role of the Employment Facilitator?

 Employment Facilitators are dedicated individuals who work with local stakeholders to connect job seekers with training, job opportunities, and other support. As part of their role, Employment Facilitators chair Local Jobs and Skills Taskforces in their local region and work with local stakeholders, including employers, employment services providers and training organisations, to develop and maintain a Local Jobs Plan. Employment Facilitators also support local stakeholders to create targeted projects that meet the priorities of the plan. Employment Facilitators work with organisations that apply for funding through the Local Recovery Fund to ensure employment opportunities are maximised.



To help local people, into local jobs by bringing together key experts and stakeholders across the region to build pathways to opportunity.



To foster a region of opportunity for local people to have sustainable, fulfilling careers in the Hunter.



Commitment: we are unapologetically passionate about the Hunter, and are deeply committed to our pursuit of bringing opportunity to our people.
Knowledge: we lean on the expertise each of our connections provide, to continually build and share that knowledge for the greater good.
Unity: we connect the pieces of the puzzle to bring people together who can create opportunity. We are strongest when we work together.